“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
- Arthur C. Clarke

The Enrollment Wizards

Providing a 21st century solution for employee benefit enrollment, human resource administration, and data management

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Protect clients from attacks by Zenefits and others using “free software” to service customers


Prospect for new business using the compliance tools embedded in the product


Provide the infrastructure for you agency to survive and thrive in the 21st Century

How does the sales process work with the Enrollment Wizards?

The agent and/or the company product representative makes a presentation at general employee meetings prior to Open Enrollment.

 Each product has a video and/or product brochure attached to the enrollment page to provide further information during the enrollment process.

 The agent determines if he or she will be available for guidance during the enrollment process. 

In addition to full ACA IRS compliance, Enrollment Wizards offers the following services for an additional fee: Wrap Documents | DOL and IRS employee notices | Section 125 discrimination testing (through our select TPAs) | Full Cobra service (through our select TPAs)

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Why the Enrollment Wizard product sales portal?

We are the “Amazon” of employee benefits. More and more people are accustomed to shopping online for a variety of items. There is no reason whey they cannot do the same thing for employee benefits.

Online purchase of benefits provides you the agent with great persistency – people buy products they want to buy. There is no pressure to purchase as is often the case in face to face one on one meetings.

Employers much prefer the 24/7 access to products rather than having to allow employee time at work to make these purchases.

We Are the Enrollment Wizards.

We provide both terrific business opportunity and superb solutions for ACA/Obamacare challenges. Enrollment Wizards brings a very affordable solution for your small to medium size clients - 25 to 250 lives. You can use our solutions to:


  • Enrollment Wizards has been working with online enrollment since 1998. We have tremendous amounts of experience with insurance company and vendor digital interface, Electronic Data Interchange and online enrollment sales tools.
  • Enrollment Wizards is one of the only firms with hands on experience in this environment from agent, vendor, and carrier perspectives. We have sat in every chair.
  • For over 20 years, our focus has been on small to medium sized employers. We use 21st Century technology to level the playing field with the "big boys." We know how to work with this market.



  • EW has a pricing model that is made to order for small to medium sized employers – there is no monthly minimum fee.
  • EW provides complete ACA compliance modules as part of the base fee structure – no expensive add on fees.
  • EW supports the employee benefit agency that wants to move completely into a 21st Century environment. The product and services are designed with self service and state of the art technology baked into the overall solution.

Ready to get started?

Employee Benefits used to be about a value proposition. Can your employer clients provide a program that attracts and retains quality employees?

It is now all about compliance. Can your employer clients – of all sizes – meet the government and regulatory requirements demanded for all plans?

And so your role has changed dramatically. You now must offer value AND compliance services. The Enrollment Wizards can help you with the compliance piece so you may continue your focus on the value piece.

Enrollment Wizards PresentationConsulting MemorandumAgency Support MemorandumKevin Gregory Bio

In addition to full ACA IRS compliance, Enrollment Wizards offers the following services for an additional fee:
Wrap Documents | DOL and IRS employee notices | Section 125 discrimination testing (through our select TPAs) | Full Cobra service (through our select TPAs)

Enrollment Wizards PresentationConsulting MemorandumAgency Support MemorandumEnrollment Wizards Presentation

“If at first the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it.”
- Albert Einstein

Richard Matthews, CEBS Bio

Richard graduated from Western Michigan University in 1968 with a degree in teaching. After 4 years in education he left the field to begin his insurance career with Equitable Life of New York.

 He struck out on his own in 1984 to establish an employee benefit practice in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. In 1986 he established a specialty product with Cigna for ancillary benefits that fit perfectly with Michigan Blue Cross and Blue Shield. At the time BCBS has a “triple option” health product that was a perfect precursor for Defined Contribution plans. The combination of the BCBS health product and the Cigna ancillary plans allowed Richard and his new partners to lead the way for DC plans for companies with as few as 25 employees.

 While DMCO enjoyed great success with the DC approach, it created substantial administrative headaches with the annual Open Enrollments. So in 1996 Dick jumped on the digital admin bandwagon with Employease and never looked back. In 2004 he sent everyone home to work at their own pace from their own homes. And again, neither he nor his staff ever looked back. Over the years DMCO has used a number of vendors including the aforementioned Employease, bSwift, benefitsConnect, and Accordware.

 Dick (along with his wife Martha) moved to South Carolina in 1997 betting that the Internet would be the future of the insurance business - actually the future of any and every information based enterprise. It took a while to be sure, but now there is no doubt that a digital backbone is required for any agency that wants to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.

 Dick now calls on agents that need guidance on moving their practice and admin services in to the digital age, with ACA compliance a real specialty.

Business Process Outsourcing Solution

We use a plug and play strategy to provide our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solution. The heart is the online enrollment and digital admin software. It includes full electronic data interchange capability, as well as full reporting and billing reconciliation services.

 We also have a payroll services option, an On Boarding option, HRIS solutions and full compliance services for Cobra and FMLA. In short, we can bring to the party any and all business process services that any enterprise needs.

 We have recently added our Medicare Plus RBP (Reference Based Pricing) solution. This provides a true consumer driven healthcare product in the self funded environment.

 The magic for all of this is software and scale. This is the remarkable part of the 21st Century business model. It allows for the leveling of the playing field - it specifically allows for smaller agencies to compete on par with any large regional or national agency or brokerage house. You no longer need to fear PEOs.